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Our Campaign

We are a coalition of students, faculty, staff & alumni calling on Princeton University to divest its endowment from fossil fuel companies and reinvest responsibly. Divest Princeton calls for an end to fossil fuel-funded research on campus.


In 2022, thanks to a decade of activism, the University announced a partial divestment from the oil and gas industry, pledging to divest its holdings in publicly traded fossil fuel companies. This is a huge step — but it does not go far enough. 

Princeton still has $700 million invested in private fossil fuel companies, which tend to be the worst emitters as they operate out of the public eye and beyond the oversight of financial regulators. It also continues to accept research funding from the oil and gas industry and to welcome recruiters from these companies to campus.

We are calling for an end to Princeton’s financial and institutional involvement with the fossil fuel industry. Join us.

Join our campaign and sign your name alongside thousands of Princeton students, alumni, parents, partners, faculty and staff who say it’s time for Princeton to divest from fossil fuels. Learn more about the letter here.

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