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Key Articles about Divestment                    

Sophie H Goldman 10/15/2021 Harvard’s Endowment Gains are Not Something to Celebrate Harvard Crimson

Associated Press 10/26/2021 Dutch pension fund to divest from fossil fuel producers ABC News

Associated Press 10/18/2021 Ford Foundation to divest millions from fossil fuels ABC News


Ross Kerber 9/22/2021 MacArthur Foundation joins investment shift away fossil fuels Reuters

Josh Rubin 9/28/2021 Canada’s oil industry dealt a financial blow as pension giant divests itself of investment in fossil fuel The Toronto Star

Rupert Way et al 9/14/2021 Empirically grounded technology forecasts and the energy transition Oxford Martin School

Sabrina Shankman 9/10/2021 After nearly a decade of resistance, Harvard divests from fossil fuels, The Boston Globe


Anemona Hartocollis 9/10/2021 Harvard Says It Will Not Invest in Fossil Fuels, The New York Times

 Jasper G. Goodman and Kelsey J. Griffin 9/9/2021 Harvard Will Move to Divest its Endowment from Fossil Fuels, The Harvard Crimson

Lukoye Atwoli et al 9/4/2021 Call for emergency action to limit global temperature increases, restore biodiversity, and protect health The Lancet

Franta, Ben & Hudson, Marc 8/31/2021 Interview with Ben Franta, author of “Weaponizing Economics: Big Oil & Climate Policy” Environmental Politics

Zegart, Dan 8/26/2021 The Gassing Of Satartia HuffPost/Climate Investigations Center

Tabuchi, Haroko 8/12/2021 For Many, Hydrogen Is the Fuel of the Future. New Research Raises Doubts NYT

Gregory M. Mikkelson et al 8/12/2021 Mutual reinforcement of academic reputation and fossil fuel divestment, Cambridge University Press

John Keefe and Curt Merrill, 8/9/2021 Was that wild weather caused by climate change? Scientists can now say ‘yes’ with confidence CNN 

Henson, Bob 8/9/2021Key takeaways from the new IPCC report Yale Climate Connections

Sanzillo, Tom 8/6/2021 IEEFA: Months after tumultuous ExxonMobil annual meeting, no substantial change expected

Carleton, Audrey 8/2/2021 The Oil Industry’s New Climate Change Solution Is More Pipelines Motherboard by Vice

Carter, Lawrence  6/30/2021 Inside Exxon’s playbook: How America’s biggest oil company continues to oppose action on climate change Unearthed


Yale News, 6/24/2021 Yale sets new carbon reduction targets, takes divestment steps

Mann, Michael and Hassol, Susan Joy 6/29/2021 That Heat Dome? Yeah, It’s Climate Change. New York Times

Carrington, Damian  5/21/2021) How to spot the difference between a real climate policy and greenwashing guff, The Guardian 

Plumer, Brad (5/18/2021) Nations Must Drop Fossil Fuels, Fast, World Energy Body Warns, New York Times


Rainforest Action Network (2021). Banking on Climate Crisis - Fossil Fuel Finance Report 2021.

McKibben, Bill (4/3/2021).  The Powerful New Financial Argument for Fossil-Fuel Divestment, New Yorker.

McKibben, Bill (3/27/2021). The University of Michigan divesting from fossil fuels shows that change is here, The Guardian.

Matthew D. Potts & Oliver Miltenberger 3/21/2021 Why corporate climate pledges of ‘net-zero’ emissions should trigger a healthy dose of skepticism, The Conversation

IEEFA (3/22/2021). Major investment advisors BlackRock and Meketa provide a fiduciary path through the energy transition.

Wittenberg, Alex (1/25/2021). Three NYC Pension Funds to Divest $4 Billion From Fossil FuelsBloomberg Green.

(1/22/2021). University Announcement on Fossil Fuel InvestmentsColumbia News.

Michael Shear and Coral Davenport (1/18/2021). Biden to Cancel Keystone XL Pipeline in Inauguration Day Executive OrderNew York Times.

Squire, Kenneth (1/16/2021). A new activist takes on Exxon to reverse the oil giant’s underperformanceCNBC.


Waite, Marilyn (1/4/2021). Passive investing presents a challenge for decarbonisation. Here are six projects we’re backing to help change thingsResponsible Investor.

Richard Lachmann, Michael Schwartz, and Kevin A. Young (12/27/2020). Are we finally at a tipping point in the defeat of fossil fuels?Salon.

Jones, Rupert (12/18/2020). How to save the planet? Richard Curtis says it involves pensions, actuallyThe Guardian.

Egan, Matt (12/18/2020). A $5 billion foundation literally founded on oil money is saying goodbye to fossil fuelsCNN Business.

Kollewe, Julia (12/17/2020). Lloyd's market to quit fossil fuel insurance by 2030. The Guardian.

Rust, Susanna (12/16/2020). Church of England investors ban nine, keep 12 after climate engagement. Investments & Pensions Europe IPE.

McKibben, Bill (12/9/2020). New York State Sends a Blunt Message to Big OilNew York Times.

Barnard, Anne (12/9/2020). New York’s $226 Billion Pension Fund Is Dropping Fossil Fuel StocksNew York Times.

Tom Bergin and Ron Bousso (12/9/2020). How oil majors shift billions in profits to island tax havensReuters.

Commodity Futures Trading Commission (9/9/2012) Managing Climate Risk in the U.S. Financial System

Roston, Eric (12/8/2020). Lawyers and Publicists Need Their Own Emissions Category—Call It ‘Scope X’Bloomberg.

Anjli Raval and Leslie Hoo (12/8/2020). Shell executives quit amid discord over green pushFinancial Post.

Juliet Chung and Dawn Lim (10/9/2020). How Brown University’s Endowment Quietly Became Tops in Ivy LeagueWall Street Journal.

Grandoni, Dino (9/14/2020). States and cities scramble to sue oil companies over climate changeWashington Post.

Sullivan, Laura (9/11/2020). How Big Oil Misled The Public Into Believing Plastic Would Be RecycledNPR.

(8/4/2020).  Letter from economists: to rebuild our world, we must end the carbon economyThe Guardian.

Alexandria Herr and Zoya Tierstein (6/29/2020). Two new climate lawsuits give Big Oil the tobacco treatmentGrist.

Clare Roth and Ellen Gilmer (6/24/2020). Exxon, Koch hid climate change impact for decades, Minn. suit saysBloomberg.

Kayanja, Matthew (4/20/2020). Oxford University passes motion banning investment in all fossil

Tim Dickinson (3/3/202) How Big Oil and Big Soda kept a global environmental calamity a secret for decades, Rolling Stone

Sanzillo, Tom (1/30/2020). BlackRock to investors: sustainable portfolios provide stronger risk-adjusted returns. IEEFA.

Holden, Emily (1/8/2020). How the oil industry has spent billions to control the climate change conversationThe Guardian.

McKibben, Bill (9/17/2019). Money Is the Oxygen on Which the Fire of Global Warming BurnsNew Yorker.

Jagdeep Singh Bachher and Richard Sherman (9/16/2019). UC investments are going fossil free. But not exactly for the reasons you may thinkLos Angeles Times.

Margolin, Jamie (6/21/2019). For My Future College, Fossil Fuel Divestment Is a Must-Have So the Climate Crisis Doesn't Make My Education UselessTeen Vogue.

(4/17/2019). The financial sector must be at the heart of tackling climate changeThe Guardian.

Kormann, Carolyn (9/14/2018). The Divestment Movement to Combat Climate Change Is All Grown UpNew Yorker.

McKibben, Bill (12/16/2018). At last, divestment is hitting the fossil fuel industry where it hurtsThe Guardian.

Osaka, Shannon (8/2/2018). The New York Times and the super-wicked problem of climate changeGrist.

Wade, Terry (3/23/2016). Rockefeller Family Fund hits Exxon, divests from fossil fuelsReuters.

Leehi Yona and Alex Lenferna (5/15/2016). The Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement within UniversitiesE-International Relations.

Carney, Mark (9/29/2015). Breaking the tragedy of the horizon - climate change and financial stabilityBIS.

(7/8/2015). Former Exxon Employee Says Company Considered Climate Risks as Early as 1981Union of Concerned Scientists.

McKibben, Bill (7/19/2012). Global Warming’s Terrifying New MathRolling Stone.

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