"Fossil Fuel Dissociation Process"

In May of 2021, Princeton announced partial divestment from tar sands and coal with no time line or process specified. This is the follow-up. 

CPUC Meeting in person Monday September 20th, 2021

Frist Multipurpose Room 

Key takeaways: 

  • No acknowledgment of climate change and its effects in the US and around the world in the summer/fall of 2021

  • No mention of climate justice

  • Minimum one year process

  • Multiple faculty members on the new Faculty Panel receive or have received fossil fuel funding from BP and/or ExxonMobil

  • Possible that tar sands and coal will be judged to be acceptable 

  • "Engagement" with fossil fuel companies is still considered a viable option

  • No students on the panel or the committee

  • No Divest Princeton members on the panel or the committee

  • No acknowledgement of Divest Princeton's role over the past 18 months