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TIAA (Teacher Insurance Annuity Association) is the financial services organization that is the leading provider of financial services in the academic, research, medical, cultural and governmental fields. Most Princeton faculty and staff employees have a TIAA pension.

TIAA-Divest! is committed to stopping retirement giant TIAA from financing climate destruction.

TIAA manages $1.3 trillion in assets and is one of the largest owners of farmland and timberland on the planet. Its clients are mostly universities and non-profits, and it brands itself as a socially responsible company. But TIAA actually owns at least $78 billion in oil, coal and methane assets. It also manages substantial investments in large-scale, high-emission agriculture and timber plantations, which have been especially damaging to Black farmers, communities of color and Indigenous Peoples.

TIAA-Divest website

legal complaint

IEEFA report: IEEFA U.S.: Financial services giant TIAA has a long way to go to become a climate leader

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