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Divest Princeton: Here is our story
Reunions Panel 2023

Divest the Rest: We´re Not Done Yet

Reunions 2022 Alumni Panel

Princeton Impact Capital
Divest-Invest Movement Leaders Conference September 2021

Harvard has announced it has nearly entirely divested its $42 billion from fossil fuels and will bar any future investments in coal, oil and gas. Activists from student divest-invest campaigns, including Divest Harvard and Divest Princeton hosted a virtual event on September 15, 2021.

Delay is Denial Rally
Earth Day Rally
Divest Finance Talk
Varshini Prakash Talk - Founder of the Sunrise Movement
The Orange Table

Co-coordinator of the growing Divest Princeton movement Anna Hiltner ’23 sits down for a conversation about what lies ahead for her organization. This Orange Table podcast also discusses the intersections of black activism and environmentalism.

What is divestment?
After Divestment
Alumni Sessions_ The Case for fossil fue
Bill McKibben: The Right Side of the Future
Rohit Gawande '11
Shannon Osaka '17
Stephen Heintz, Rockefeller Bros Fund
Ben Franta, Stanford
Reunions 2020 Zoom Event
Tom Leyden '77
Maggie Thomas, Yale Forward
Rev. Casey Aldridge
Rob Nixon, Princeton professor & author.
State Senator Zach Wahs *18
Bill McKibben, author & activist
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