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On February 16th, 2022, Divest Princeton filed a legal complaint with the New Jersey Attorney General, urging them to compel Princeton University to fully divest from fossil fuels. The complaint was prepared with the help of pro bono lawyers from the Climate Defense Project.

  • We argue that Princeton University’s ongoing fossil fuel investments represent a violation of its legal obligations as a charitable/nonprofit corporation under the law known as UPMIFA.

  • In March of 2021, Divest Harvard filed a similar complaint in Massachusetts and Harvard announced its divestment from fossil fuels 6 months later. 

  • Campaigns from Yale, MIT, Stanford and Vanderbilt also filed legal complaints against their universities on the same day as Divest Princeton.

  • A legal complaint is not a lawsuit and the signatories have no legal tie to the document beyond showing their support for the Attorney General opening an investigation. 

  • Divest Princeton's complaint was signed by alumni, faculty, community organizations, political leaders, and climate science and policy experts.

  • We have confirmation that the complaint has been received and assigned a number.

  • Now that the complaint is public, all Princetonians and community supporters can show their support for divestment by signing as well. This second round of signatures will be delivered to the New Jersey Attorney General at a later date, along with updated information. 

  • If your organization would like to sign, please email us:

  • Divest Princeton also welcomes letters of support, particularly from people with legal, financial, or climate expertise - for more information please email us:

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