Raise your voice in support of our campaign! Use these email templates to contact your friends, President Eisgruber, and anyone else who can help us out. Use our "Divestment Elevator Pitch" for additional material.

Write to President Eisgruber urging divestment from fossil fuels now! Use and adapt our template below.


President Christopher Eisgruber


Dear President Eisgruber,

My name is __________. I am a member of the Class of __________ / a parent of a student / a Princeton faculty member / a Princeton staff member concerned about the state of our current climate crisis. 


I write in support of Divest Princeton, a coalition of concerned students, alumni, parents, faculty, and staff who have urged Princeton to divest and dissociate from the world's most harmful fossil fuel companies. Although Princeton has taken steps to combat climate change, it must join the growing tide of universities, foundations, and other institutions in taking these necessary steps. Peer universities like Brown, Columbia, Cambridge, and Cornell have already made strong commitments.

Divest Princeton demands divestment by Earth Day, April 22nd. I strongly agree that such urgency is required, and that the future of Princeton's reputation—to say nothing of our planet—depends on it.


Thank you,


Ask your friends to support divestment by signing our open letter and endorsing our campaign. 

Use and adapt our template below.

Dear __________,

I wanted to let you know that I just signed an open letter to President Eisgruber urging Princeton to divest its endowment from fossil fuel. We don't know how much of our $26 billion endowment is invested in fossil fuel companies (since the University will not tell us) but even one dollar is too much when it comes to the world's worst greenhouse gas emitters.


We do know Princeton doesn't engage in shareholder activism and has refused to join Climate Action 100+. Meanwhile, Princeton has taken millions of dollars from BP and Exxon, both of which have denied that their activities exacerbate climate change and have lobbied regularly to block regulation and climate reform.

This one pager includes helpful links and articles that helped me make up my mind. I invite you to visit Divest Princeton's website and consider signing the open letter yourself. You can also endorse the campaign with a personal statement. Divest Princeton has requested a vote for divestment by Earth Day, April 22nd, and they need our help now more than ever.