In March 2020, the Princeton Alumni Weekly (PAW) published a piece about Princeton alumni who are divesting their own assets from harmful investments like fossil fuels, and investing in organizations that are committed to social and environmental justice. Their stories inspired this page

In that PAW article, Kate Poole '09 recommended three things everyone can do to invest in racial and economic justice: 

1. Bank locally: Move your money into local credit unions and banks grounded in your community. Local banks charge fewer fees, keep decision-making local, and put your money to work growing your local economy. Small banks and credit unions tend to turn deposits into loans and other productive investments.


2. Invest in Community Development Financial Institutions: CDFIs emerged out of the civil-rights movement to address historical discrimination in banking and lending. They provide access to financial services for working-class communities of color.


3. Learn about the history of our economy. Resources like The Princeton and Slavery ProjectThe New York Times’ 1619 Project, and The Movement for Black Lives policy platform provide information about the history and opportunities for repair and reparations.


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